The Last Race

Over the weekend, I went to Cleveland to run the “A Christmas Story” House 5k.  Yes, I know that running a race in Cleveland in December isn’t a very smart idea . . . but there’s a special reason why I had to do this race.

2015-12-05 08.52.25

This is the last of the races that Prince Charming and I had planned to do together.  We wanted to be part of the first annual race back in 2013, but registration was closed by the time we found out about it.  In true Prince Charming style, he smiled at me with that twinkle in his eye and said “It’s okay, honey.  We’ll do it next year.”

And “next year” was a mere 11 months after his death and three weeks before my first Christmas without him . . . and I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  But I said quietly to myself “It’s okay.  I’ll do it next  year.”

On Friday afternoon, my bestie and I drove to Cleveland.  We checked into our beautiful hotel, we had some excitement because George W. Bush was at an event at hotel we were staying in, and we had fun exploring the casino that is in the building that was the department store in the movie.  We had dinner at the buffet at the casino and discovered that we really can’t eat as much as we used to!


Saturday morning all we had to do was get up, get dressed, and walk out the door of the hotel to the start line.  There are advantages of staying at the host hotel!!


2015-12-05 08.52.18

I swear I’ve never seen so many people in pink bunny suits in one place in all my life!!

It was a fun race.  It wasn’t too cold.  It was a bit cloudy but no rain during the race.  And the finish line for the 5k was at the A Christmas Story House.  I’m proud to say that I finished in a little over 43 minutes – somewhere near a personal best for me.

And yes it was a hard race for me emotionally.  I remembered the trip that Prince Charming and I took to Cleveland for my 49th birthday.  I remember visiting the A Christmas Story House . . . and I remembered his promise to run this race with me.  Okay, he would have run and I would have walked and he would have to wait for me at the finish line.

I’m glad I kept the promise to do this race.


And I’m really excited that I’ve already signed up to do it again next year!!




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