Heart Wrenching Memory

I heard “Same Old Lang Syne” on the radio today while I was out Christmas shopping. It is officially “the holiday season” so I wasn’t totally surprised to hear it . . . except I was listening to SiriusXM radio and they don’t normally play holiday songs on the non-holiday channels. But given the history I have with this song, I took it as a sign that I need prepared for all the gut-wrenching things that are lurking around oh so many corners for me the next few weeks.

The bad thing about the second year of widowhood is that you know exactly how badly things are going to suck . . . and you know that you have no control over what is going to reduce you to a pile of tears.

The blog below gives the history I have with this song and why it punched me in the gut today . . .

Driving the Dog Mobile

The word for today is . . . . heart wrenching . . .

It’s the unexpected things that rip my heart out these days.

There’s a long story behind this so please be patient with me . . .

I’m listening to a re-broadcast of American Top 40 from February 21, 1981 when “Same Old Lang Syne” came on the radio and reduced me to a puddle of tears. For years after Ron and I broke up the first time, he said he would hear this song and think of running into me somewhere and having this kind of conversation with me. He was sad that the song (and our relationship) seemed to have the two people going their separate ways. He said the song always made him cry and it was difficult for him to listen to it. Fast forward about 33 years to our first Christmas together…

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