5 Years

Tonight I was driving down a little country road and suddenly realized there was a deer standing in the road.  Not really in the middle of the road – it was standing in the middle of the lane I was not driving in.  It was looking away from me and didn’t really see me coming up the road.  I slowed down so I wouldn’t spook the deer and prayed it wouldn’t jump in front of me and would just wander back across the road.

My prayers were answered and the deer took off in the opposite direction without so much as a glance in my direction.  I said a few swear words and then I said a few prayers and said a very heartfelt “thank you” to Prince Charming.

See . . . Prince Charming had a history of hitting deer.  The year we found each other again he hit a deer on his way home from our first “adult” date.  Which just so happened to be right about where I saw the deer tonight . . . and tonight is almost 5 years to the day of that car/deer meeting.

My theory is that the deer’s relatives were out to get me and Prince Charming stepped in so that Hal and I made it home safely tonight.

Stranger things have been known to happen . . .



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One response to “5 Years

  1. Dori from AZ

    You got it right, Pam, it was def Price Charming keeping you safe! Happy Thanksgiving with your family – I know there will be empty chairs, but enjoy and celebrate with all who are left. Your dad and Bowman will be watching you from the giant Thanksgiving table in heaven.

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