I Can Hear You Now

I have a hearing problem.  I’m practically deaf in my right ear and suffer severe hearing loss in my left ear.  Some of it’s genetic (I get it from Dad), some of it is environmental (loud music during my teen years), and some of it is age related (everything seems to be age related these days).

I’ve had hearing aids for a little more than a year now. I wasn’t a big fan of them when I got them and struggled getting used to them.  After compensating for my hearing loss for years, it was hard to get used to being able to hear again.  But once I did get used to them, I tolerated them.

I’ve been without them for a couple of weeks now because the one for my “bad” ear developed a problem and stopped working.  I dropped it off to the ENT doctor’s office for repair and they had to ship it off.  I picked it up today . . . and was never so happy to be able to hear the dogs nails clicking on the kitchen floor as I was tonight.





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2 responses to “I Can Hear You Now

  1. Dori from AZ

    I can identify, Pam, with your loss of hearing – an acoustic neuroma near the brain stem on my right side has caused deafness in that ear – left ear hearing just so-so – but so far I get by and always position myself in a group so everyone is on my good side. Just don’t want hearing aids – yet but know they will be coming one day. Also did not get to comment on Rocky’s sibling’s dna test but thank you for re-telling that story – just cannot believe that handsome guy has some Bichon in him, like my 15 pound Maddie Mae! Happy 7th Birthday to handsome Rocky!

  2. bigdogmompam

    I compensated a lot for my hearing loss, Dori, and it worked okay for me. I didn’t really want the hearing aids either but after watching my Dad struggle to hear without hearing aids, I decided it was time to bite but bullet and get them. I struggled with adjusting to them for the first month and was in tears several times at the auditory overload from all the stuff I had been missing for years. It wasn’t until I discovered I could hear the crickets chirping at night again that I accepted them. I didn’t have them for about two weeks waiting for the repair and I discovered that all of my compensation skills were gone . . . it was a real struggle to hear things without my hearing aids.

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