Home Sweet Home

I went to Branson with my bestie for a cross stitch retreat.

Earlier this year I told my dear friend that I didn’t want to be home on November 14 because it was the 40th anniversary of my first date with Prince Charming . . . and the date that we had picked to be married . . . and I had no idea where to go or what to do because everything I could think of was something that we had done or something we had planned to do.  She said “okay” and worked her magic and found the perfect thing . . . a three day cross stitch retreat in Branson.  A place I had never been.  A place that Prince Charming and I didn’t have on our bucket list.  A place where not everybody knew my story and knew the importance of Saturday’s date.

So I said “okay”

We left on Wednesday and got home today.  We met new friends.  We ate yummy food at places the locals recommended.  We worked on our cross stitch projects.  We went shopping at a local needlework shop.  We went to see Jim Stafford.  We went to the Titanic museum.

And since there were a lot of things we didn’t see, we made plans to go back to this particular retreat again.

Yesterday had very bad and very hard parts to it and it had totally wonderful parts to it.  All in all it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Since this year’s anniversary was a little better than last year’s anniversary . . . for once I have hope that maybe next year will be a little easier than this year


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