My Weight Loss Program

I’ve lost about 10 pounds in the last couple of months.

rocky and millie

These two are part of the program.  They like to go for walks.  We have gone for a walk just about every morning for over three months now.  They look at me like this until I finally give in and get the leashes and we go for our “excursion” every morning.

rocky and millie 2

This is the view that I have during our walks every morning.  It’s clear to see I’m not the leader of the pack.  Millie pulls me along for the majority of the walk.  Rocky keeps up with her pace for about half of the walk – then he hangs with me.  Millie has to be the first to see everything.  She has to be the first to look around the corners, to look into privacy fences to see if there are any little dogs waiting to bark at her, she has to be the first one across the street.  Rocky is content to keep up with her for a while and then he gets tired of racing along and starts to slow down and enjoy the time that he has Mommy all to himself.  When we are walking, Millie isn’t interested in being the center of my attention.

I enjoy just being out side with no particular place to go and no time limit on when we get there.

Right now . . . life is good . . . and I owe a lot of it to them.


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