Semper Fi, Dad

Today is the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

It was always a big deal at our house as we were growing up.  Dad was a Marine. He served in Korea.  He was at the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir and got frostbite so bad that he got sent home.  He was very proud of his service in the Marine Corps.  We heard the stories about how he served with Audie Murphy and Chesty Puller and Archie Van Winkle.  All names I had heard several times as I was growing up but I didn’t realize the importance of those names until many years later.  Google the names and see what I mean.  We heard the story about how he got frostbite because he didn’t change his socks like he was supposed to because he only had one pair of socks and it was too cold to go without socks.  Again, something that I had no idea how bad it really was until years later and I saw a documentary called “Chosin”

Holy mackerel is a total understatement.  Imagine being a 20 year old kid, being thousands miles from home, practically freezing to death and fighting a “gazillion” Chinese soldiers.

Then imagine coming home and living the American Dream . . . marrying the love of your life, raising six children, and living happily ever after in the little house that you were able to buy with a GI loan.

Good Looking Marine

This is the first time in years that  I didn’t send a card to Dad for the Marine Corps birthday.  I had a panic attack the other day when I realized I hadn’t bought a card yet and it wouldn’t get to him in time.  Then I remembered that I didn’t have to buy a card this year.  Instead I sent a donation to Hospice in his memory.

It’s been a rough day for me . . .

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