Millie’s Baby Pictures

I can’t very well do a post all about Rocky without doing a post about Millie!


Millie is quite the attention diva.  If Rocky is getting any attention at all, she has to be right there . . . and sometimes she pushes him out of the picture.


Like this time that she saw that Rocky was having a solo photo shoot and had to see what was going on.  See her there sneaking around behind him?


One of the rare times I was able to get a picture of the two of them together when they were both looking at the camera.  I don’t understand why they look like they are in trouble.  Might be that I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the picture.

2013-01-27 17.31.55

This is what I see most of the time – her adorable little face trying to get my attention or trying to get a taste of whatever it is I’m (trying to) eat.

I can’t really blame her for being an attention hog.  Her early life wasn’t very nice.  She was dumped at the same rescue center where we found Rocky when she was a puppy.  She found a family pretty fast but they didn’t pay much attention to her and she kept running away.  After the second or third time, they decided they didn’t “want” her and took her back to the rescue group.  We found here there when we went looking for a sibling for Rocky after my beloved Luci died in April 2010.  The minute that Rocky met Millie they were inseparable.  We had planned to visit with several dogs before making a final choice, but the bond between the two of them was instant and so wonderful that we didn’t look at any other dogs.

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled to add another puppy to the family.  Adding Millie would be the third puppy in four years.  That’s a lot of house training, obedience training, puppy mischief, and sleepless nights.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to do all of that again.  But then Millie jumped up on me, got my t-shirt all dirty with paw prints, broke the strap to my purse, and bruised my chin from when she head butted me when I bent down to pet her.  Not exactly love at first sight on my part but it was a few steps in the right direction.  How could I not like a dog that was so enthusiastic about everything?

rocky and millie first picture

She was such a little girl!  The rescue group told us that she was a year old when we got her, but we found out later that she was really only 8 months old.  She had never encountered stairs before and we had to carry her down the stairs every time she climbed up them.  Thankfully that lasted about two months.  Her sense of adventure finally overcame her fear.  She absolutely HAD to be wherever Rocky was every minute of the day.

millie and rocky looking out the door

This was taken a couple of months after Millie came to live with us. It is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them together.

I’m very lucky that she lets me be her Mommy.


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