Rocky’s Baby Pictures

Happy Birthday, Rocky

I’ve been going through my DropBox account looking at pictures for various things and found this  It’s a picture of Rocky asleep on Luci.  I’m not sure how old he is in this picture but I know he was still pretty young  He loved Luci and couldn’t stand to be away from her.  I tried crate training him as a puppy but he whined and cried all night for the first three nights and we decided to let him sleep next to Luci.  He never made a sound and he never made a mess in the middle of the night  Even as a baby he was the perfect dog.

Happy Birthday, Rocky

This is the picture of Rocky that was on the Animal Welfare League website.  This is the picture that convinced XH that he had to adopt Rocky.  When I saw this picture I took one look at his feet and thought “Dang!  That’s gonna be a big dog!”

Second Child Syndrome

This is my all time favorite picture of Rocky.  He was three months old in this picture.  Look at that face!  Look at those feet!!  I’m still amazed that he’s mine.


Probably one of the few pictures of Rocky where he doesn’t look sad  He’s actually smiling!!

Family Reunion

Rocky and his mom.  The rescue group had a “family reunion” when Rocky was about a year old. Rocky was one of 13 in his litter and almost all of the puppies came to the reunion.  I’m thinking his mom was worried they were going to all come home with her.



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2 responses to “Rocky’s Baby Pictures

  1. Dori from AZ

    I’ve loved Rocky since you got him – and I remember when you had a dna test done on him – maybe you could tell that story??

  2. bigdogmompam

    Thanks for the idea, Dori! I’ll tell that story after I share some of Millie’s baby pictures tonight. Equal billing you know! She’ll get jealous if she doesn’t get her share of the limelight!

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