Looking Out My Back Door

2015-11-07 09.18.51

This is the view out my back door these days.  I’m very pleased with how the deck project turned out.  I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to explain to Construction Guy what I had in mind for the project.  But those fears were groundless because he captured my idea perfectly.

The mud room that XH built years ago was, quite frankly, an eyesore.  It was a space to store stuff that we were too lazy to take out to the garage.  It didn’t fit the style of the house and the methods he used to build the mud room were questionable at best.  To be fair, though, Construction Guy told me that the mud room was pretty solid except for the roof.  Not only was it ugly, it blocked my view of the back yard and blocked most of the sunlight that came into the kitchen in the morning. And that sunlight was one of the things I loved most about the house when we bought it.

And no I don’t really have any pictures of the mudroom.  It was awful and I didn’t want any mementos of it.

2015-11-07 09.18.47

I sit out here in the morning with my coffee and watch the dogs in the yard and watch the birds at the bird feeders.

2015-11-07 09.18.56

I enjoy sitting at the patio table and eating lunch or dinner, or reading on the NOOK or the Kindle, or doing my cross stitch.  I enjoy grilling out at least once a week.  I’m spending a lot more time out in the back yard now.

2015-11-07 09.19.00

I really enjoy sitting at the kitchen table in the morning and having the sunlight stream through the back door.  I can stand at the back door and check on the dogs easily.

And the part I really really like is that I finally got what I wanted – a covered deck where I can stand outside when it’s raining and wipe the dogs off before they come in the house without getting wet myself.  I might change my tune when it’s cold and snowing but for right now it’s everything I dreamed it would be.

The back part of the house makes me as happy as the rest of the house.


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