Penny From Heaven

I found a penny this morning on my walk with Rocky and Millie.

2015-11-04 20.21.03

The poor dogs had no idea why Mommy had to stop suddenly and pick up the shiny thing on the ground.  They had no idea why the shiny thing made Mommy cry.  The past few days have been kind of hard for me . . . and I know that there are some really hard days ahead of me next week. Finding this penny today was like getting a message from Dad that it was all going to be okay.

I told you that story to tell you this story . . .

My dad always ALWAYS stopped to pick up any kind of change that he found on the street.  It started with him finding a penny and a dime on the street the day that he married Mom and continued every single day of his life.  He was even known to embarrass the crap out of Mom by checking payphones and vending machines when they were out to see if there was any change left behind.  While going through his things, Mom has found several jars and containers of spare change.  Considering that Mom and Dad were married for almost 62 years, that’s quite a bit of spare change.  Mom is torn between cashing in the coins for the face value or sorting through all the coins to see if any of them have any special value.  For now, they are still where Dad left them.

Since Dad’s death, several people have sent me the story about how finding a penny on the ground is a sign from a loved one that they are watching over you and that you are loved.  I thought it was nice . . . kind of like all the cardinals I’ve seen since Prince Charming’s death . . . but really hadn’t thought much about it.  Until today.  When I’ve been struggling with things and needed a sign . . . and in true Dad fashion . . . he very quietly and very sweetly let me know everything would be okay.


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One response to “Penny From Heaven

  1. Dori from AZ

    Pam, I just love this blog – right on with the penny from your dad – he is for sure telling you that all is A-OK !

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