This Is Us

Yes, it’s that time of year . . . time for me to start thinking about the wonderful Christmas card that I am going to send out this year.

Yes, I know I don’t (didn’t) have much Christmas spirit last year and I’m not sure how much I’m going to have this year.

Yes, I know it’s horribly expensive to do the cute photo cards and send them out to everyone.

But did you realize that sending the cute photo cards means that I don’t have to sign each card?  Put the card in the envelope, put on an address label, a return label, and a stamp and PRESTO . . . Christmas cards done with very little effort!!

This Christmas card thing is Prince Charming’s fault . . . his handwriting is as bad as mine . . . and we didn’t want to do The Christmas Newsletter thing . . . so we did photo cards.  They could sum up our year in one picture.

And since I am not sure what (if any) Christmas spirit I’ll have this year, I’m going with the old standby . . . which means I’m sorting through pictures to include in the cards.

This is what I’ve come up with so far . . .

sideways pammie

This is me at the Straight No Chaser concert last year.  I was photobombing my friend Marie as she took a picture of the stage.  She wasn’t very happy with me at the time but I’ve posted this on my FB page and it makes my older sister smile every time she sees it.  I think it shows that I’m getting my sense of humor back.

2015-10-11 16.38.07

This is probably the best picture I’ve ever taken of Millie.  She doesn’t look scared (like she usually does in pictures) and you can see how pretty her bright brown eyes are.  She is standing on the new deck and trying to see what I’m throwing in the trash can.  Because whatever I’m throwing away might be something yummy that she can eat.

2013-06-04 13.07.10

This is Rocky.  It shows him almost smiling and his eyes don’t look as sad as they normally do.  It was hard deciding on a picture of him because he always take a good picture.

I’m still looking through pictures but I’m pretty sure these ones will make the cut.  There might be more . . . I still haven’t decided now many pictures to put on the card.

And if I was truly organized (and we all know that I’m not that organized) I would have had a family picture taken of us.  I thought about it and that’s as far as it got this year.

I think I’m making progress . . .


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3 responses to “This Is Us

  1. TeresaR

    I love the name of your blog. I used to be in dog grooming and your blog name reminded me of when I would go to customers houses to groom their pets

  2. Dori from AZ

    Maybe you could do a collage Christmas card with all three pics???

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