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Pardon The Interruption

Apparently TWC is having problems with internet service here in Ohio tonight.  Therefore, tonight’s blog post will be delayed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Heart Wrenching Memory

I heard “Same Old Lang Syne” on the radio today while I was out Christmas shopping. It is officially “the holiday season” so I wasn’t totally surprised to hear it . . . except I was listening to SiriusXM radio and they don’t normally play holiday songs on the non-holiday channels. But given the history I have with this song, I took it as a sign that I need prepared for all the gut-wrenching things that are lurking around oh so many corners for me the next few weeks.

The bad thing about the second year of widowhood is that you know exactly how badly things are going to suck . . . and you know that you have no control over what is going to reduce you to a pile of tears.

The blog below gives the history I have with this song and why it punched me in the gut today . . .

Driving the Dog Mobile

The word for today is . . . . heart wrenching . . .

It’s the unexpected things that rip my heart out these days.

There’s a long story behind this so please be patient with me . . .

I’m listening to a re-broadcast of American Top 40 from February 21, 1981 when “Same Old Lang Syne” came on the radio and reduced me to a puddle of tears. For years after Ron and I broke up the first time, he said he would hear this song and think of running into me somewhere and having this kind of conversation with me. He was sad that the song (and our relationship) seemed to have the two people going their separate ways. He said the song always made him cry and it was difficult for him to listen to it. Fast forward about 33 years to our first Christmas together…

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Sending Christmas Cards

Yup . . . that’s what I’m doing tonight.

Home alone with the doggies stuffing Christmas cards into envelopes.  Trying to figure out how to print labels with the new printer.  Laughing at my unfounded fear of licking envelopes because of a silly episode of Seinfeld!  And hoping I can find the Peanuts Christmas stamps at the post office on Monday.

Life as a single girl is just a whirl of non-stop activity!




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Small Town Pizza

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a pizza from a big chain pizza place, the order information is on a computer generated label?

I’ve been buying my pizza lately from a small locally owned pizza place and this is how they “tag” my order for pick-up.

2015-11-27 20.07.54

This is the pizza I picked up tonight after work.  I called in the order as I left the parking lot and it was ready by the time I got to the store to pick it up.

For some strange reason, I think this is the coolest thing ever.  Order details written on the corner of the box with a Sharpie.  It was a small taco pizza (trust me it tastes yummier than it sounds) and it cost me $10 and I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

I might never buy a pizza from the large chains ever again.



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It Didn’t Suck

I’ve been dreading today all month.  Today is the first family celebration without my Dad.

It is always strange to be at the house and realize he’s not there in his chair watching everything that’s going on.

But today was really strange . . .

There were really bad parts and there were good parts.

I wouldn’t say it was a “good day” but I will say that it didn’t totally suck.

Christmas, however, will be a totally different story.


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5 Years

Tonight I was driving down a little country road and suddenly realized there was a deer standing in the road.  Not really in the middle of the road – it was standing in the middle of the lane I was not driving in.  It was looking away from me and didn’t really see me coming up the road.  I slowed down so I wouldn’t spook the deer and prayed it wouldn’t jump in front of me and would just wander back across the road.

My prayers were answered and the deer took off in the opposite direction without so much as a glance in my direction.  I said a few swear words and then I said a few prayers and said a very heartfelt “thank you” to Prince Charming.

See . . . Prince Charming had a history of hitting deer.  The year we found each other again he hit a deer on his way home from our first “adult” date.  Which just so happened to be right about where I saw the deer tonight . . . and tonight is almost 5 years to the day of that car/deer meeting.

My theory is that the deer’s relatives were out to get me and Prince Charming stepped in so that Hal and I made it home safely tonight.

Stranger things have been known to happen . . .


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It’s The Little Things In Life

I went with my Mom today to donate some of Dad’s clothes to a local church. Mom had cleaned out Dad’s closet and discovered that he had a lot of very nice gently used clothes.  Some of the shirts had never been worn.  Mom wanted to donate the clothes but she wanted to donate them to someone that wouldn’t re-sell them.  She wanted them to be given away to anyone who would need them.  After my sister and I did some research, we discovered that one of the churches in the little area where we grew up has a weekly “clothes closet” and people who need clothes can come to the church and get what they need for free.  They were excited to get a donation of men’s clothes since they don’t get that type of donation very often.  I offered to help Mom with this particular task because Hal is bigger than her little car and I didn’t want her to be lugging a bunch of boxes and bags by herself.

I told you that story to tell you this story . . .

Some of you know that I have a little Blues Clues dog that travels in the car with me.  I got him many years ago from my big sister when she was having a yard sale.  Blue originally belonged to one of my nieces and they decided they didn’t want him anymore.  Being a true Blues Clues fan – and a believer of “rescuing” unwanted dogs – I decided that Blue had to come live with me and he’s been in my car ever since.  He was happy sitting on the console of the Dog Mobile and moved happily to Hal when we upgraded last summer.  Like Gnomie, it’s rare for Blue to sit in the same place for very long.  He likes to move around.

Since I had to move the seats to get all the boxes of clothes into Hal, I moved Blue to the front of the car so that he wouldn’t accidentally get donated.

It wasn’t until I left Mom’s after we made the donation and was driving back home that I noticed where Blue ended up . . .

He’s stuck between the arm rest and the front passenger seat.

I laughed at this every time I got into the car today . . .

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that put the biggest smile on your face.

2015-11-24 11.04.52.jpg


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I’ve Been Busy 

At the retreat this weekend, some of the ladies had pictures of their finished projects. And I realized I didn’t have any pictures of mine. 

And it wasn’t until I took these pictures that I realized just how much stitching I did finish this year. 

This is my next project. 


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Home Again, Home Again

I’m home from my retreat. Gnomie is helping me with the laundry and unpacking. The most unfun part of traveling. 

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I’m at a cross stitch retreat – again! But this one is my favorite event of the year. 

I finished a project. Actually I had to rip out some of the stuff I did last week and do it again. The wording was in two different colors. It bugged me so bad I had to do it over. 

I started this project. Thinking it would be quick and easy. Yea that was not the case. Took me forever to get used to the fabric. I ripped out a lot of stuff. At one point I was ready to throw it away. 

I’ve had a great time spending time with some great ladies. I’ve eaten way too much food. And spent a little amount of money on stuff for new projects. 

This is one of the highlights of the fall for me! 

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