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Locked Away

I heard this song for the first time the other day and was blown away by the lyrics . . . I think Prince Charming’s new job in Heaven must be as a song writer . . . or as a muse for song writers.

When Prince Charming came to Ohio in April 2011, he didn’t have a job and wasn’t sure what direction his career was going to take. Because of the stress of the job that he had in Virginia, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to continue in the field he had been in for over thirty years. And because the field he had been in was pretty specialized, his skills didn’t translate well in the other fields that he wanted 30. He had a lot of interview for some really interesting jobs, but that interest never materialized into job offers.

Add in the fact that Ex-Wife #2 had been given a large spousal support award and his outlook towards his future was rather bleak.

He told me quite often that he was afraid that the bleak financial picture ahead of us would be “more than you signed on for” and he was certain that I would tell him at any time that I wanted to end our relationship. I always told him the same thing . . . I fell head over heels in love with him when he had no money (I was 12 and he was 13) and my attraction to him then had nothing to do with a paycheck or his ability to “provide” for me financially. My love for him now was just a continuation of my love for him then. It had absolutely nothing to do with money. I had been standing on my own two feet financially for quite some time and I was confident that I could/would continue to do it for as long as I had to. If his financial situation got better, then yay for us! If it stayed the same, then we would deal with it and everything would be fine.

Prince Charming and I had this conversation hundreds of times and every time he was genuinely surprised that I would always say “yes” without hesitation. He was always genuinely surprised that I always said the same things, with the same emotion, and I would always end the conversation with a big hug and a kiss and “You’ll see. Everything will be fine.” And everything always seemed to work out somehow.

Prince Charming did eventually get a job that he loved, working in the field that he had been in for over 30 years. We weren’t especially well off financially, but we weren’t living paycheck to paycheck either. I told him many times that while I kept a roof over our heads and kept the utilities on, he made sure we were fed and that we were able to do all the fun stuff that we enjoyed.

And when I heard this song for the first time, I remembered all those conversations and I hope that he understands now . . .

My answer will always be yes.

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