Craptastic September

I was already dreading September because of Prince Charming’s birthday. I should be buying him some wonderful ham radio gadget, or a Jimmie Johnson shirt, or a new Steeler’s jersey . . . but I bought him a beautiful rose arrangement to put on his headstone. To celebrate his birthday I was drinking a beer in a cemetery at 11 a.m.

But that’s just one of the craptastic things that have happened to me so far this month.

Hal had a run in with a piece of semi-truck tire . . . he suffered some seemingly minor cosmetic damage and is scheduled to have repair work done this week. I wasn’t hurt and Hal can be easily fixed . . . and I thank State Farm for making a really bad experience almost enjoyable.

And finally . . . and the most craptastic thing that has happened so far . . . my dad was admitted to the local inpatient hospice unit on Wednesday evening . . . his battle with end stage renal failure is slowly coming to an end . . . and I am so not ready to be facing this particular battle . . . even though we’ve known it was coming for the last year or so.


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