“As Soon As . . . ” Is Right Now

I can’t remember where exactly I read the above quote but I remember it was in the last couple of months. It really hit home with me . . .

When Prince Charming was alive, we said this all the time.

“As soon as the house is paid off, we will do XXXXXX.”

“As soon as (insert work problem here) is over, we will do XXXXX.”

“As soon as (whatever excuse we had to not do something), we will do XXXXX.”

Unfortunately, we never got to do many of the “as soon as” things on our list. I became very aware that life is short, time is precious, and you need to do the things you want to do and not put them off.

But that didn’t stop me from putting things off.

Then I read the article I mentioned earlier and I thought that it was time for me to start doing the “as soon as” things on my list . . . and quite soon after reading that article, I found this lovely item when I was cleaning the cupboards trying to find a place for yet another coffee mug.

2015-08-30 10.01.14

This belonged to Prince Charming. He bought it when we visited The Biltmore the summer before he died. We had lunch at the Stable Café – a restaurant on the grounds of The Biltmore that used to be the horse stable. Prince Charming ordered a beer with his lunch and it arrived in a glass just like this one. He liked the glass so much he bought one as a souvenir so he could drink beer out of it once we got back home.   I honestly can’t remember if he ever drank beer out of it or not. See, he thought he was a bit of a clutz and was afraid that he would drop the glass and break it . . . he intended to save it for “special occasions” and put it in the cupboard.

Until the other day, I had totally forgotten about the glass. And when I found it, I made a decision that it was time to use the glass. It was time to stop putting off all the things I’ve been wanting to do because of one reason or another. I realized that “as soon as” really is now. What am I waiting for? I’m never going to get any younger. The time isn’t ever going to be “right” for this, that, or the other thing that I want to do. If I want to do it, then I need to do it. Now. No explanation about why I want to or need to do it . . . just make a plan and do it. No regrets. No excuses.

Which is easier said than done. Especially for the Middle Child with a massive amount of Catholic Girl guilt about everything. But I’m trying. I’ve made some steps in the right direction. The decision about the new deck was one huge step in the right direction.

Hopefully I can keep making steps in the right direction . . . because “as soon as” really is now!



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2 responses to ““As Soon As . . . ” Is Right Now

  1. Dori from AZ

    Thank you, Pam, for these beautiful words – so true and they made me stop and think about all the things we have been putting off – guess we all need to live every moment. Someone once said “Live every day as if it were your last and learn every day as if you will live forever”. Hugs across the miles to you, Rocky and Millie !

  2. bigdogmompam

    Thank you, Dori. Your love and support has gotten me though some really rough days.

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