A Purpose 

I’ve often heard that God has a purpose for your life – and you don’t always know that purpose while you are here on Earth 

Yes I’ve often wondered why God took Prince Charming and why I’ve had to deal with so many issues. I think I have an idea why. It’s to help my Mom adapt to being on her own when my Dad passes away someday. 

Dad has some health issues that are serious but we still have some time before he leaves us. But in the meantime Mom is trying to learn all she needs to know about being alone after 61 years of marriage. It seems she considers me a bit of an expert. She calls me for advice. I’m happy to share my knowledge but sad as to the reason why. 

Guess I’m a good daughter after all. 


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  1. Dori from AZ

    Oh yes, Pam – you ARE a good daughter – and sadly you are learning the ropes of death and all the stuff that comes with it – you will be invaluable to your mom when your dad passes – and I hope that is a long, long time away. I still remember that military picture you posted of him and what a handsome guy he was.

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