He Didn’t Stand A Chance

Every so often, I see cars similar to Prince Charming’s when I’m out and about. It always takes my breath away to see one . . . especially when it’s red like his. It’s always a bittersweet experience . . . I’m happy to see the car but I’m sad because I know it’s not him.

I also see Ford F350 pickup trucks sometimes when I’m out and about. That’s the type of truck that caused the accident that killed Prince Charming. I’m always amazed at how big of a truck it really is.

The other day I happened to park next to a Ford F350 pick up truck when I went to the grocery store. And I passed a car like Prince Charming’s in the parking lot on my way into the grocery store. It was a little red car just like his and it took my breath away to see it. I stood there for a couple of seconds next to the car . . . and then looked across the parking lot to where I had parked Hal and looked at the size of the Ford F350 pickup truck I parked next to . . . and I realized there was no way that Prince Charming would have ever survived the accident. There is no way that his little bitty car would have been able to protect him from the impact of a F350 flatbed tow truck carrying a pickup truck coming at him at 50 mph.

It was something that several people had tried to explain to me . . . and I said I understood but I really didn’t . . . until I saw two similar vehicles in the same place at the same time.

He didn’t stand a chance . . . and he had no idea what happened to him . . . and for that I will always be eternally grateful.


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