I had to go to the Title Department to get the title for the Dog Mobile (long story I’ll tell you later).  The Title Department is located in the courthouse here in Smalltown . . . and the entry has scanning devices.  I put my purse and whatever metal objects I had in my pockets (my work keys and my work badge) onto the conveyor belt and walked through the metal detector.  (By the way, I passed but I’m always nervous that it’s going to pick up on the metal plate in my left wrist.)

When I stopped at the end of the conveyor belt to pick up my purse, the deputy that scanned my purse joked with me about the spoon he saw on the scan . . . (from the yogurt that I had at work that morning) but never said a thing about the bottle opener I had in there from my last trip to the cemetery to have a beer with Prince Charming.

So now I’m wondering, is having a bottle opener in your purse is more common than having a spoon . . .



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4 responses to “Curious

  1. I was going to say that I carry one too, but upon further inspection, it is a beer bottle opener not a wine bottle opener so I guess I have to say no. But I do carry the beer bottle opener every where because it is 5 pm somewhere in the world… 🙂

  2. bigdogmompam

    Mine is a beer bottle opener, too. I can’t seem to get the “twist off” tops to work for me and I always seem to forget to include one when I take a beer to the cemetery.

  3. Dori from AZ

    Pam, I’m wondering if they commented about a spoon because it is sometimes used to do drugs?????? (I think that is true!)

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