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What A Difference A Year Makes

I must be doing some healing.

I stopped and read Valentines cards tonight.

Last year I couldn’t even look at the display.

It’s the small victories that take my breath away.

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The Christmas Card

Prince Charming was a big kid when it came to Christmas. He loved everything about the holiday.

That’s what made celebrating it this year so hard.

But I did celebrate.

I decorated the tree. I put lights up outside. I bought presents.

The hardest part, though, was the Christmas cards. It was something he took great pride in. And took great pains to get just right. Finding the perfect picture for the card was important to him.

And now it’s important to me.

How do I find “the” picture that would depict my year?

I wanted something with me and the doggies. I wanted to show that we are learning to cope with our new life.

This is what I settled on


It was taken shortly after Prince Charming moved in. If you look closely, you’ll see his shoulder and his arm behind Millie. It seemed perfect. It was us – with Prince Charming there but just slightly out of focus.

We are learning to cope. We are starting to smile. We miss him terribly.

This isn’t ever going to get easier is it?

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