Now What?

The criminal case against the guy that killed Prince Charming has been dismissed because he passed away from an illness last month.

I signed paperwork to settle the wrongful death lawsuit today.

Those two events have defined my existence the last nine months.

Now what do I do?


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3 responses to “Now What?

  1. Dori from AZ

    Are you kidding me ?(I wish!). Is there any chance of bringing the suit against his next-of-kin or is that even possible? I know so little about this sort of thing – but this is NOT right!!!! Keep on keeping on, Pam! You’re the best!

    • bigdogmompam

      I’m sorry, Dori, I don’t think I was clear about the settlement of the civil case. By settlement, I mean that the insurance companies have made an offer and we have decided to accept it.

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