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Introducing Hal

Good morning, everyone . . .

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the family . . .

Everyone . . . this is Hal


Hal . . . this is everyone!

Yes . . . Hal is my new car . . . he’s a 2013 Buick Encore . . . I bought him to replace the Dogmobile . . . He joined the family on July 23 . . .

There’s nothing wrong with the Dogmobile . . . Actually I still own the Dogmobile but I’m in the process of transferring her to new owners . . . my parents!

It’s kind of a long story . . . Mom’s car is about 20 years old and is starting to show it’s age. It needs some work . . . which is tricky for an older car because replacing one thing can lead to replacing another thing and before you know it you have invested a small fortune. Mom and Dad can’t really afford a new car and Mom is nervous about buying a used car . . . ssssooooo . . . I was thinking of buying a new(er) car in a year or so and I had the bright idea to move up my plans a bit and buy a new(er) car now and sell the Dogmobile to my parents. Mom wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but once she realized I was serious about “selling” the car to her and not just “giving” it to them she warmed up to the idea.

Y’all know I love the Dogmobile. She’s a great car. She’s gotten me everywhere I needed to go without a problem. She starts first time, every time . . . even in -28 degree wind chill weather. She plows right through any type of snow without a bit of problem. She’s never broken down on me ever. I knew she would be the perfect car for my folks. So she’s getting a check-up and some minor problems fixed and she will take care of my parents the same way she’s taken care of me and the doggies for the last eight years.

Now back to Hal . . . once I got the idea to get a new car I went into full Prince Charming research mode! What kind of car was I looking for? What were my “must haves” for a new car? What was my price range? Fortunately, the “must have” list was very short – good gas mileage, less than $20,000, and big enough to carry Rocky and Millie – and that made my search fairly uncomplicated. I had settled on a Ford Escape, a Chevy Equinox, and a Buick Encore. My brother works for a car dealership and he checked out all three vehicles for me and they all got a green light. Ssssoooo . . . all things being equal . . . I picked the Buick . . . because it was red. Yes. I picked a car based solely on color. I am that shallow!!


So far Hal seems very happy to be here. The dogs love taking rides in Hal. And I am truly smitten with this car. I named him Hal after the computer in the movie “2001” because he has more bells and whistles and features than I’ve ever seen in a car before. Heated seat and steering wheel, bluetooth capable so I can talk on the phone through the speakers in the car, memory settings for the drivers seat (something Prince Charming would have LOVED in the Dogmobile!) and remote start! The rear seats fold down to give the doggies room to stretch out when we go somewhere – and they don’t make the car “wiggle” like they did in the Dogmobile when I put them in the back!

And something that I didn’t notice until after Hal had been here a couple of weeks . . . from the back, he kind of looks like Prince Charming’s car on steroids . . . which I’m taking as a sign that Prince Charming would approve . . . 

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