Priceless Treasure


Prince Charming and I had pictures taken at Christmas because The Mothers had requested a new portrait without the doggies . . .

Being the good children we were, we decided to surprise The Mothers with new portraits . . .

I had a coupon . . . and a plan to only buy what was on the coupon . . . I made Prince Charming promise that he would not let me get “sucked in” to the sales hype and buy all the pictures and spend a small fortune on pictures. He smiled sweetly and promised to protect me from myself.


All the pictures were wonderful and it was hard to stick to my plan – but Prince Charming kept his promise and saved me from myself.

Fast forward to shortly after Prince Charming’s accident. And now I feel horrible that I didn’t buy all the pictures . . . they were the last pictures of us together . . . oh the guilt was horrible.

I debated for a while about whether or not to try and get the rest of the pictures . . . and I kept thinking “they’re the last pictures of us together” . . . so I called the studio . . . and explained the situation . . . and luckily they still had all the images!!

I just wanted the CD to have the images . . . but that wasn’t how the studio did things . . . I had to buy a package to get the CD . . . which I happily did!

I now have more printed photos that I’ll ever know what to do with . . . and I have the priceless CD with every photo taken during that session . . .


And I can hear Prince Charming laughing his butt off at me over it!!


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One response to “Priceless Treasure

  1. Dori

    Pam, I never tire of seeing these pix – each time another one is my fav – so so darn glad you have them~~

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