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Prince Charming had a rule about planning your next vacation before the end of your current vacation. We planned to come back to Myrtle Beach after our trip last year. We made reservations Thanksgiving weekend during the resorts Black Friday special.

Thoughts of coming back to the beach got me through some dark times after Prince Charming’s death.

Parts of this trip have been horribly hard. Parts have been wonderful. I miss him terribly and I see him everywhere.

But I am enjoying every minute of doing nothing and soaking up the sun.

This trip is one of the greatest gifts he’s given me.

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Saying Goodbye


The sadness in my life continues.

My beloved Fluffy (Sir Fluff the Cat) passed away today.

Shortly after Prince Charming passed away, I started to notice some changes in Fluff’s appearance. He wasn’t grooming himself like he used to. He was always a picky eater, but his quirks about his food was getting worse. I took him to the vet expecting a simple diagnosis. Maybe a thyroid condition or maybe picking up on my mood since Prince Charming’s death.

I got a simple answer but not the answer I expected. What the vet told me shook me to my core. Fluff had FIV – feline immunodeficiency virus – kitty AIDS. This was just two months after Prince Charming’s death and I was not prepared at all for this.

My lovely vet knew about my recent loss and sympathized with the dilemma I now faced. I was told that I didn’t have to make a decision then – but I would soon. Unfortunately we had no way of knowing how long.

The end came gradually. Fluff kept his stubborn and determined personality to the end – he was attempting to chase birds this morning – but his body was giving out on him. As much as I didn’t want to face it – it was time to let him go. It seemed fitting that it rained the entire time I was at the vet and the sun came back out as I got back home.

I don’t think it’s hit me yet that he’s gone. I just checked the front porch to see if he wanted to come in when I locked the front door.


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Priceless Treasure


Prince Charming and I had pictures taken at Christmas because The Mothers had requested a new portrait without the doggies . . .

Being the good children we were, we decided to surprise The Mothers with new portraits . . .

I had a coupon . . . and a plan to only buy what was on the coupon . . . I made Prince Charming promise that he would not let me get “sucked in” to the sales hype and buy all the pictures and spend a small fortune on pictures. He smiled sweetly and promised to protect me from myself.


All the pictures were wonderful and it was hard to stick to my plan – but Prince Charming kept his promise and saved me from myself.

Fast forward to shortly after Prince Charming’s accident. And now I feel horrible that I didn’t buy all the pictures . . . they were the last pictures of us together . . . oh the guilt was horrible.

I debated for a while about whether or not to try and get the rest of the pictures . . . and I kept thinking “they’re the last pictures of us together” . . . so I called the studio . . . and explained the situation . . . and luckily they still had all the images!!

I just wanted the CD to have the images . . . but that wasn’t how the studio did things . . . I had to buy a package to get the CD . . . which I happily did!

I now have more printed photos that I’ll ever know what to do with . . . and I have the priceless CD with every photo taken during that session . . .


And I can hear Prince Charming laughing his butt off at me over it!!

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