I’m making progress dealing with my grief.

I’m learning that I am strong enough to do the stuff I need to take care of myself, and the animals, and the house.

I discovered I can cut the grass all by myself. I discovered I can re-string a weed eater. I dealt with a rather significant health crisis with Fluff the cat (but more on that later!) without totally falling apart.

I’m coping with the stress and demands of my job and teaching the doctors new electronic health system on top of all the other stuff I have to do all day. I’m doing what needs to be done for the estate and the lawyer handling the personal injury case.

But as proud of the progress that I’m making . . . I feel like I’m stuck in purgatory or limbo or in some horrible bureaucratic red tape hell. It’s been over three months since Prince Charming died . . . and I still don’t have a final death certificate . . . supposedly the coroner in the county where the accident happened is waiting on some sort of paperwork from the Ohio Highway Patrol . . . which has supposedly already been done months ago. So now I wait until this person talks to that person who talks to someone else to get the information on what is really needed . . .

I do have a preliminary death certificate . . . that lists the cause of death as “pending” but that certificate won’t be accepted by the life insurance company or by the Bureau of Workers Comp. And without a final death certificate, the personal injury lawyer can’t effectively negotiate with the lawyers representing the owner of the truck or the driver of the truck.


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  1. twoblindcatsandcrew

    Praying for you. Sending hugs and peace that all you need to will come soon and this will get easier. Take care.

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