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Fluff has always had a soft spot in my heart. Even though he’s a bit of a diva and regards me as a mere servant for his every need. Over the last few years I’ve invested a lot of my heart into his health and well being. And I think he’s warmed up to me as his “tiny human”

Prince Charming, however, isn’t as big a fan of Fluff. He’s not anti-cat. He’s anti-diva-spoiled-demanding cat.

I told you that to tell you this.

With the extreme cold weather, Fluff has been in the house and has been very uncharacteristically quite and reclusive. I’ve been worried that he might be sick or something. Prince Charming told me to stop obsessing and see if he perks up when it gets warm again.

Well, as always, Prince Charming was right.

Fluff is back to his pushy, bossy, demanding self – just as it gets warm again. I told Fluff tonight that he was making me crazy and I had no idea what he wanted. Prince Charming overheard the conversation and told me to “stop being mean to my cat!”

I think I have some competition for “favorite human”

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