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Self Care


It was a bad day at work.

I’m slightly overworked because a co worker is out on medical leave til mid-February. And I’m doing her job AND mine.

On top of training the docs on the new electronic health record system.

We “Go Live” in a week and a half and there are 1,000,001 things left to do.

Not to mention I have two three new docs to appoint to medical staff and ten docs to complete biennale reappointment.

Seems like someone is stopping by my office or paging me every five minutes.

I’m crabby, and cranky, and not pleasant.

So Prince Charming is in the basement doing his thing. The dogs are outside. I think Fluff is in the basement with Prince Charming.

And me – I’m cross stitching. And it was HIS suggestion.

Gotta love a man that knows what I really need!

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