Date Night

Since Prince Charming moved back to Ohio, we’ve had a standing date night on Monday Night.

Starts the work week off nicely.

We never go anywhere fancy. Steak N Shake. Penn Station. Chipotle if it’s been a really bad day.

Dinner followed up with some trivial errand of some sort.

We go to Meijer a lot. The greeter gets a little concerned if we miss a week.

In almost three years, we’ve never missed a date night yet.

I guess we didn’t really miss one tonight. We just had a stay at home date night.

Left over chili and snuggling on the couch. Oh and letting the dogs in and out every ten minutes.

Funny how the -9 temperatures will change your priorities!


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One response to “Date Night

  1. Dori

    Pam, It is amazing how the tone of your posts has changed since the “old days” when you were still married – you sound truly happy now! I luv the idea of your date night and how you are still doing it. Luv your blog posts – please continue……

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