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After Tigger and Smokie passed away, I swore I was not ever going to have another cat in the house. 


Well, Fluffy has changed all that. 

And that was okay because Fluffy was a “neighborhood” cat that technically belonged to the family across the street.  So I could love on him (yes, Fluffy is a boy!) if he would let me, and feed him, and he would go home to his family across the street. 

But then the family adopted a German shepherd puppy – and then the adopted a pit bull puppy shortly after that.  Fluff wasn’t particularly fond of either puppy and decided it was time to hit the road and became the neighborhood cat.  Fluffy had at least 5 houses in the neighborhood that would feed him and one lady that would groom him once a week. 

That was still okay because he wasn’t officially “mine” . . . or so I thought!

It appears that he likes my house best and wants me to be his new “human” 

It was all good because he was still mainly an outdoor cat. He would show up at The Little House about the time I got home from work and would “sing” for his supper.  After which, he would promptly go back to exploring the neighborhood.  

But over the last year or so, I’ve noticed some subtle changes in Fluff.  While he’s still out scouting the neighborhood, his trips aren’t the all-day adventures of the past.  He seems to have given up his all-night neighborhood prowl for the comforts of sleeping in a nice dry and warm bed – usually the one belonging to Rocky and Millie!  He leaves for his morning “jaunt” before I leave for work in the morning and more often than not he’s waiting on the front steps when I come home for lunch. 

From the information I learned from the lady that lives across the street, Fluff is about 9 years old now.  That’s pretty old in “outside cat” years.  I have a feeling it won’t be long before Fluff becomes an official full-time inside cat. 

Funny thing is I can’t tell if I won him over . . . or if he won me over!

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Home Sweet Home

The Little House was built in 1923.  I’ve lived here since 1990.  From the minute the realtor showed it to me all those years ago, I knew it was my dream house.

I’ve lived here over 20 years now . . . some of them were happy years . . . some of them were not.  But through it all . . . it was my house!

front door

And now that Prince Charming is here with me . . . it’s finally Home Sweet Home.

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Pammie 7th grade

This is my 7th grade picture.  It’s one of Prince Charming’s favorite pictures of me.  This is how I looked when we he met me oh so many years ago.

Prince Charming wasn’t feeling well last weekend and I thought I’d change the profile picture on my Facebook account to this to cheer him up.  He says it always makes him smile when he sees this picture of me.

I thought I was a bit of a wallflower when I was in junior high and high school.  I wasn’t a star athlete, or on the honor roll, or one of those kids that was always in some sort of trouble.  I was always referred to as somebody’s sister, or somebody’s friend, or that girl going out with you-know-who.  Just another face in the crowd.

Imagine my surprise when I started reading the comments left on the post announcing the change of my profile picture . . . comments about remembering this cute little girl, or her cute smile, or some other memory from junior high . . . comments from people who I thought had no idea who I was way back then . . . and who I thought hardly remembered who I was when they “friended” me on Facebook.

Guess I wasn’t such a wallflower after all . . . and not only did I succeed in cheering up Prince Charming . . . I cheered myself up as well!

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