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He’s Only Human

First, a little background info . . . in my previous life hearing the words “I need you to come here and see this” always struck fear in my heart.  It usually meant that one of the animals  had done something that I would have to clean up or that something had broken and a long complicated (read “expensive”) repair process about to start.

I took today as a vacation day to reward myself for surviving a rather hectic and very busy Christmas holiday week at work.  I’m downstairs enjoying my morning chocolate milk and surfing the internet when I hear the dreaded words from Prince Charming.

“Honey, I need you to come here and look at something.”

Me: (crap) . . . “Okay, I’m on my way.  Did the cat poop in the bath tub again?”

Him (amused): “No.  It’s okay, just come here.”

Me (double crap): Turning to Millie as I walk up the stairs “What did you guys do this time?”

Him (still amused and smiling): “We have a problem.”

Me (fairly panic stricken at this point): “What happened?”

Him (huge smile on his face): “Uh, I didn’t double check the setting on the trimmer before I started trimming my mustache.”

Me (finally seeing what he’s done and now I’m laughing): “Uh oh this isn’t good.”  (The middle of his mustache is pretty much gone at this point)

Him: “I don’t think I can salvage it.  I’m going to have to shave it. ”

Me (still laughing): “Oh, honey, it’s okay.”

Him: “You’ve never seen me without a mustache and I didn’t want to just come downstairs and shock you.”

Me: “Well, I do appreciate that.”

He shaved it off and he’s already planning the schedule for when he can grow it back.  It’s going to be very cold here this week and he’s already noticing a huge difference in how his face feels without the mustache.  I think he was a little worried about my reaction . . . when I finally stopped laughing (and I did apologize for laughing) I got a good look at his newly clean shaven face and I told him that he’s still my Handsome Green Eyed Man and the decision to grow it back is entirely up to him.

It’s going to take some getting used to looking at his face without the mustache, but kissing him goodbye this morning without getting poked by mustache hair was kind of nice!



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