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Life With Dogs

Prince Charming and I bought a new TV as a Christmas present to ourselves. Thank Heavens for Layaway! It’s a lovely 39 inch flat screen HDTV. I’m so excited that we will finally be able to read the little crawlers on the bottom of the screen. Of course the new TV will not fit on the entertainment center that I have now so we bought a new TV stand.

Our dilemma today is what to do with the old entertainment center. We don’t have room to keep the old one after we put together the new one. That’s when I got the bright idea to post a picture online to see if I could get rid of it.

I told you that story to tell you this story. When I got the camera out to take a picture of the entertainment center, I saw this


As soon as Millie saw I took Rocky’s picture she had to be included


See her sneaking behind Rocky?

Then a true miracle happened! I was able to get a picture of both of them at the same time without either one bothering the other!


Maybe they know Santa is watching? Boringly normal is back and we couldn’t be happier!

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