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New Technology

Prince Charming got a promotion! He is going back to his first love – fixing machines. It’s actually more complicated than “just fixing machines” but I’ll explain that in a later post.

The promotion is a big deal for lots of reasons but the coolest thing is he needed a smart phone – and he chose an iPhone. Now I’m not a techie and have fought getting an iPhone because of the cost of the data plan. Much to my surprise (and Prince Charming’s delight) his company has a nice employee discount program that made my argument invalid.

So I have (to quote my brother) joined the 21st century and am the proud owner of an iPhone 4s. Yay me! Now I have to figure out how to work it. Thank heaven for my little iPod touch to help with the learning curve. Poor Prince Charming got an iPhone 5 and there isn’t a manual for it yet. We are going to be bugging my brother the Apple expert!

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I Know Why Old People Are Grumpy

After years of hearing the “as you get older” speech from the family doc, I decided it was time to follow his advice and do some of the “old lady” tests he’s been advocating.

I had a colonoscopy.  The found a benign polyp that was removed and because of that development I get to repeat that test next year.  Yay for me . . . not!

I had a bone density test done.  I have something called osteopenia which means my bones are thinning and I’m headed towards osteoporisis.  Not a big surprise there, my mom has osteopenia and her mom had osteoporisis.

Because of those two developments, I have to make some changes to my diet.  After the colonoscopy, I was told to add more fiber to my diet.  Whole grain bread, more veggies, and take a fiber supplement.  After the bone density test, I have to add a calcium supplement and a Vitamin D supplement to my daily diet.

All that is in addition to having to add potassium to my diet to replace what is being lost with the water pill I take to help with the swelling in my feet and ankles caused by the circulation problems in my legs. Who knew that wearing three inch heels all through high school, college, and my early working life would cause such problems.

And then there’s the usual recommendation to lose some of the weight I’ve gained since my hysterectomy which prompted Prince Charming and I to join a gym.  The exercise routine will help reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol (yea, they are a little out of whack, too!), help with the circulation problem in my legs, and help strengthen my bones.

So at any given time I’m trying to figure out if something I’m about to eat will help my bones or my potassium or will it hurt my blood pressure or my cholesterol.  Or I’m trying to figure out which exercise machine will help which health issue.  You should see all the health info apps I have on my iPod Touch.

The conversations I have with myself sometimes are absolutely hilarious but most of the time I’m upset with myself for getting into this shape in the first place.


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November Already?

Wow . . . it’s been four months since I posted anything here?!

Sorry, ya’ll . . . it’s been a busy summer . . . filled with trips here, there, and everywhere . . .

A Big Birthday for Prince Charming . . .

Time for Old Lady Testing for me . . .

Facing monsters and slaying them . . .

Yea, I know . . . you want details!

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