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I’ve been whining all year about no snow, early allergies, too early to turn on AC.

But not today. Look at what I saw when I put my flag out today!


Does mean it’s finally summer?

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Good News

I survived the liquid diet, the prep, the test, and the after-test.

They found a polyp.  The doc removed it and said he doesn’t think it’s anything serious.  I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks.  If I had waited another couple of years, the ending could be completely different. 

It was so much fun (NOT) that I’m going to do it all again in a year.  But only because the doc is making me!

Prince Charming was a trouper and came through his first “Boyfriend Test” with flying colors! 


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Pity Party

I’m having a colonoscopy on Tuesday.

No, there aren’t any problems . . . it’s a “baseline” so that they can keep track of any changes that happen when I have this done again is, oh, 10 years!

No, I’m not 50 yet but I’ve been listening to Family Doc give me the spiel about the importance of having it done for the last 5 years and I’m tired of hearing it . . . so I’m getting it done and out of the way.

XH had three tests done the year he turned 50 so I know the routine.  Or at least I THOUGHT I knew the routine.  Apparently things have changed in the last 8 years or so.

I sure don’t remember it being this complicated when XH had his tests.

But the doc that is doing my test has his own set of rules.  I had to start watching my diet on Thursday.  No raw fruit or veggies.  No high fiber food.  Avoid red dye.  No aspirin, or advil, or aleve.

Well, poop!

I have allergies – and Sudafed has red dye in it.

My allergies are giving me a headache – and Advil is on the “NO” list.

My potassium is low so I eat strawberries, watermelon, and guacamole to bring it up.  All of these are on the “NO” list.

And that’s just the beginning . . . Monday starts the 24 hours of the liquid diet.  Ugh . . .

Please pray for Prince Charming . . . I think this test is going to be harder on him than it will be on me . . .


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Wedding Bells

No, this isn’t the announcement where I tell you that Prince Charming and I are getting married.

This is the announcement where I tell you that XH and GF are getting married.  In June.  And Prince Charming and I were invited to the wedding.

Now let me start off by saying that I’m very happy for XH and GF.  He seems happy in his new life and I’m glad he’s found someone to spend the rest of his life with.

I’m surprised that he’s getting married again, though.  I guess he’s forgotten the “I’ve spent 40 years of my life being married and neither marriage worked out well for me, so I’m not doing it a third time.”

I’m surprised that he invited me and Prince Charming to the wedding.  I think it was a pity invite – he only invited me because I was standing in front of him and he thought it was the “right” thing to do.  While I’m cordial with XH and GF, we aren’t best buddies by any stretch of the imagination.  Prince Charming has met XH and GF and he’s cordial with them, too, but he has issues with the way XH treated me during the marriage and how XH has treated me since the divorce.

So the $64000 question is . . . Are we going?  No . . . we aren’t.  It’s too creepy to think of myself sitting in the chapel watching my XH getting married to someone else.  I cry at weddings . . . all weddings . . . and I think me crying at the wedding would send a very bad message.  I also think it’s too creepy for me and Prince Charming to be at the reception.  I can imagine the whispers of “What’s she doing here and why did she bring him?”  I feel that our being there would take the attention away from the bride . . . and it’s really her day.

It’s just entirely too awkward all the way around and we aren’t going.

But that isn’t the reason I gave XH for us not being there.  I took the cowards way out and told XH that it just so happens that Prince Charming’s divorce hearing is that weekend . . . so it wasn’t a complete fib . . .

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