Scene From A Quiet Friday Evening At Home

Scene:  Last night in front of the computer.  Prince Charming and I were trying out the online ordering system for Donato’s Pizza . . . and having some problems deciding on what we wanted for supper.

(Useless Background Information:  Prince Charming is a HUGE fan of Hot Wings of all types, from all restaurants.  Give him wings and beer and he’s a happy man!  He’s also a bit of a purist when it comes to wings!)


Me:  The Donato’s Boneless Hot wings are awesome!

Prince Charming:   Have you ever seen a chicken with no bones in it’s wings?

Me:  Uh, no . . .

Prince Charming:  Exactly! BONELESS WINGS ARE NOT REAL WINGS!!

Me:  Really?! Wow . . .I never thought about it that way . . .

Prince Charming:  (mumbling something as he walks away)


By the way . . . we settled on a large thin crust Works pizza.  But the boneless hot wings are awesome!


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