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Just My Luck!

Mild winter = early spring

Early spring = early allergies

Early allergies = Serious Chest Cold

Serious Chest Cold = Trip to Family Doc for Pam

I’m home sick with a bad case of allergies and the soaps aren’t on?! The basketball games are on 4 different channels . . . .

Somebody upstairs doesn’t like me!!

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Friday Night

Prince Charming has been sick for the last few days.  Some viral upper respiratory thing.  He’s crabby and cranky.

I haven’t seen him crabby and cranky in, oh, 35 years so this is new to me.

I’m twanging on his nerves.  He’s twanging on mine.

So to smooth over the twanged nerves.  We are having a special Friday Date Night.

Actually, we forgot to thaw the fish for supper.  So we went to Long John’s.

On the way home, he pointed out Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

He’s watching the Dayton – Xavier basketball game.

I’m shopping for books on my Nook . . .

Ain’t love grand?


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