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I got the news yesterday that a friend of mine from high school died unexpectedly.

I saw him at our 30th class reunion in August. He was as funny and friendly as ever.

I saw him at the funeral of the parent of my bestest friend in November.  He smiled at me and hugged me when I saw him.

I had planned to call his office to get an insurance quote because I was thinking of changing insurance carriers.  But I never got around to it because all of the quotes I was getting were way higher than what I was already paying.  I regret not making that call now.

He was part of the group that got together every few months for beer and pizza at the pizza place in the little town where we grew up . . . we’re realizing that 50 is just around the corner and mortality is starting to hit us between the eyes.  Losing parents, losing former teachers, kids starting college, the birth of grandkids.  Yea, we’re starting to feel kind of old.

If someone has been sick, or has a serious medical problem . . . you are sort of prepared for them to pass away.  But when it happens out of the clear blue sky for no apparent reason . . . and to someone you “just saw a month ago!” . . . it kind of shakes up your world . . .

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