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Saturday Post

Yep, I’m up early again.

Silly cell phone went off with a weather alert.  Wouldn’t have been so bad except Prince Charming’s cell phone went off at the same time.  We both subscribe to the local weather alerts.

Once Millie hears an alarm, she’s up and thinks we need to be up too.  Time to play!  Time for breakfast!  Time to potty!  Not necessarily in that order.

While they’re outside I’m reading my Nook . . . actually my friend’s Nook . . . she has a book that she thought I needed to read but can’t “lend” it to me . . . Poor Prince Charming . . . now I have two Nooks to distract me!

I need to be doing laundry . . . I really ought to be finishing my latest cross stitch piece . . . I’m having fun watching the dogs romp in the ice and snow that fell last night . . . I should be watching the weather on the local news to find out about the winter storm that came through last night . . . I’m sure Prince Charming is gonna ask about it when he wakes up.

Hopefully I get to spend the day right here at home doing all of the above . . . or none of the above . . .

After the rough week I’ve had I’m happy for to have some quiet time.

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