This weekend Prince Charming didn’t have to work. It’s kind of rare for him to have a Saturday off so we took full advantage of it.

Grocery shopping, laundry, getting out the Christmas decorations, decorating the inside of the house. Prince Charming was hoping to put some lights on the front of the house . . . but it we ran out of daylight.

Once again we had the discussion of “We need to get the Christmas cards done” and as of right now, we still haven’t gotten them done. We’ve bought them . . . they just have been addressed. To be honest . . . I put mine somewhere safe and now I can’t remember where they are!

We’ve had supper. We’re still doing laundry. We’re going to watch whoever is playing on Sunday Night Football . . . right now I’m one ahead of him in the football pool!

There are still issues we have to face with his dad’s health and the treatment schedule. There are still issues with Prince Charming’s moving-slower-than-molasses divorce. There are always gonna be financial issues relating to the moving-slower-than-molasses divorce . . . but we aren’t worrying about those right now.

Today we are boringly normal!

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