Christmas Came Early

The results are in!

Yes, Prince Charming’s Dad has cancer.

It’s small cell lung cancer . . . from what I understand that’s the “bad” kind of cancer.

Well, poop!  That isn’t what we wanted to hear!

Okay, they talk to the cancer doc.  The cancer doc needs more info before he can talk prognosis and/or treatment options . . .

Blood work and more scans . . .

More waiting . . .

The cancer hasn’t spread!  They can’t cure what he’s got but they have a good chance of getting it into remission.

Plans are for radiation and chemo over the next few weeks . . .

We still have a rough bit of road ahead of us . . . but it doesn’t look nearly as bleak as we originally thought.

Our guardian angels must have been watching over us . . .


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One response to “Christmas Came Early

  1. Dori

    Hi, Pam and Price Charming – haven’t heard from you for a while and just wondering how thing are going??? Are you in the Christmas Spirit in spite of the medical problems?? Make this a wonderful Christmas as your first one together (I know you will).

    Dori from AZ

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