That’s what time I got up this morning.

When I realized I had a headache.

When I realized that Millie was awake and staring at me.  I heard her stirring and scratching and I think that’s what woke me up.  If my hearing is so bad, how is it that I can always hear the doggies when they start stirring in the morning?

So I got out of bed and went downstairs to give Rocky and Millie breakfast.

And take some Advil for this headache, and make me some chocolate milk and some tea.  Don’t laugh.  The chocolate helps with the headache before the Advil can kick in.  Yes, I realize how funny it sounds for a 48 year old woman to be drinking chocolate milk at 6:34 in the morning. Could be worse.  I could be eating Hershey’s Special Dark Pieces candies . . .

Rocky and Millie are outside playing with the puppies next door.  In the rain.  I’ll be cleaning muddy feet here in a minute.

The yard still looks lovely.  The grass seed that Prince Charming planted took off nicely and the big mud hole that previously was the back yard is now a distant memory.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to figure out how to get grass to grow in the path along the fence that Rocky and Millie run when playing with the puppies . . . that’s where the muddy feet come from.

Since I cancelled the newspaper, I’ll have to go out later to get one.  I really miss having the paper delivered to the door but I’m not going to pay $2.80 to have a paper that’s barely worth the $1.50 they charge for it at the gas station delivered to my front door.  But I’m not going to get on my soap box again about that one . . . I already have a headache . . . I don’t need to make it any worse!

There are still lots of scary things that we have to face – his divorce, his dad’s illness, the bills that we’re struggling to get paid – but right now . . . Life is really really good . . .


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