Trophy Wife

Prince Charming and I were having a conversation the other day about a topic that I can’t remember right now . . . but the word “trophy wife” came up and he told me that he would be proud to call me his trophy wife . . .

Me:  A trophy wife is a 25 years old, size 2, bleach blonde, big boobed girl.  Honey, I don’t fit in any of those categories.

Prince Charming (eyes twinkling and a big smile on his face):  Yes, you do.

Me (laughing): No, honey, I’m pushing 50, about 30 lbs. overweight, have gray hair, wear support hose, take a water pill that makes me pee all the time and am on hormone replacement therapy.  That’ s not exactly trophy wife material.

Prince Charming (still smiling):  You are beautiful, sexy, compassionate, intelligent, loving, and still my hot blonde girlfriend.  I’m proud to go out to dinner, or the movies, or to Wally, or anywhere with you on my arm.  That, baby, makes you trophy wife material.

Me: (speechless because I’m sniffling & blowing my nose)

See why I love this man?!


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One response to “Trophy Wife

  1. Nadine

    Mine think I look like Kim Basinger… and that’s why he calls me Nadine.

    Prince Charmin is a keeper!

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