Trick Or Treat

Last night was Trick Or Treat here in Smalltown.  Prince Charming was so excited he could hardly stand it.  He’s lived out in the boonies since 2000 and this was his first Trick Or Treat in a very long time.

We went to Wally World to pick out candy.  I made him promise that he wouldn’t eat whatever we bought before Saturday night.  He agreed as long as I bought him some candy of his very own . . . it was blackmail . . . he’s so adorable that I couldn’t resist.

I turned him loose in the candy aisle at Wally World with one rule . . . whatever we got for the Trick Or Treaters had to be something we both liked because we would end up with lots of leftover candy.  He looked at me like I had two head until I explained that we would be lucky if we had 50 kids – and most of those would be teenagers “too cool” to wear a costume.  He suddenly looked very sad and I hated that I was going to have to ruin his first Trick Or Treat in over 10 years.

He picked a bag of candy with 160 pieces for the kiddies and a bag of Brach’s caramels for himself.  He seemed pretty pleased with himself and I was impressed that I could get by so cheap on the candy!

Saturday night came and, sure enough, we were lucky if we had 50 kids and most of them were teenagers who weren’t wearing a costume.  He had a wonderful time even if we did freeze out tushies off waiting on the front porch for the kiddies.  We’re both pretty excited about all the leftover candy!

After it was over, he called his Mom to see how they survived Trick Or Treat.  We visited them earlier in the day and were amazed at the large stash of candy they had stocked up with for the kiddies.  According to Prince Charming’s mom . . . they had lots of kiddies and had less than a half dozen pieces of candy left.

I told him that maybe next year we should go help his folks hand out candy!


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