Sunday Morning

Rocky and Millie are outside playing with the puppies next door.  They’re running up and down the fence line and barking at anything and everything that moves.  Neighbors going to church.  Squirrels on the power line.  Stray dogs wandering the neighborhood.

Prince Charming went to donate plasma this morning.  So I have the whole house to myself again.  Listening to the oldies station play music from 1984.  On one hand it makes me feel really old but on the other hand it reinforces my feeling of being a teenager again.

Fluff the cat is lounging in the living room after eating breakfast and playing with his catnip toy.  I found it yesterday when I was cleaning the kitchen.  I had put it “someplace safe” because Millie found it a while back and thought it belonged to her.  Of course, I had completely forgotten about it . . .

I should be working on the grocery list since Prince Charming and I have to go to the grocery later but I’ve discovered Esty and am completely hooked!

Prince Charming got his first paycheck this week.  Oh, happy days!  I know that we still have a rough road ahead of us money-wise but at least the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the oncoming train that I’ve been afraid of for so long.  I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders for the time being!

Yep, life is good right now . . .



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