Happy Sweetest Day

It’s been a wonderful weekend.

Prince Charming didn’t have to work.

We exchanged very simple, very meaningful gifts. A gift, by the way, he picked out himself based on presents he bought for me when we were dating before.

We spent the day hiking at one of his favorite spots. Note to self – do not take my water pill if we are going hiking. Port a potties are few and far between and a tad on the stinky side!

I made two of his favorite dishes for supper. It was homecoming weekend in Smalltown and between that and Sweetest Day every place in town was packed! So we stayed home and had comfort food.

We snuggled on the couch and watched one of his favorite old movies . . . which I had never seen before.

It was the bestest sweetest day ever . . . and that’s saying a lot because, until this year, I thought sweetest day was a made up “Hallmark” holiday and didn’t like to celebrate it.

Oh the joys Prince Charming has brought to my life!


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