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Trick Or Treat

Last night was Trick Or Treat here in Smalltown.  Prince Charming was so excited he could hardly stand it.  He’s lived out in the boonies since 2000 and this was his first Trick Or Treat in a very long time.

We went to Wally World to pick out candy.  I made him promise that he wouldn’t eat whatever we bought before Saturday night.  He agreed as long as I bought him some candy of his very own . . . it was blackmail . . . he’s so adorable that I couldn’t resist.

I turned him loose in the candy aisle at Wally World with one rule . . . whatever we got for the Trick Or Treaters had to be something we both liked because we would end up with lots of leftover candy.  He looked at me like I had two head until I explained that we would be lucky if we had 50 kids – and most of those would be teenagers “too cool” to wear a costume.  He suddenly looked very sad and I hated that I was going to have to ruin his first Trick Or Treat in over 10 years.

He picked a bag of candy with 160 pieces for the kiddies and a bag of Brach’s caramels for himself.  He seemed pretty pleased with himself and I was impressed that I could get by so cheap on the candy!

Saturday night came and, sure enough, we were lucky if we had 50 kids and most of them were teenagers who weren’t wearing a costume.  He had a wonderful time even if we did freeze out tushies off waiting on the front porch for the kiddies.  We’re both pretty excited about all the leftover candy!

After it was over, he called his Mom to see how they survived Trick Or Treat.  We visited them earlier in the day and were amazed at the large stash of candy they had stocked up with for the kiddies.  According to Prince Charming’s mom . . . they had lots of kiddies and had less than a half dozen pieces of candy left.

I told him that maybe next year we should go help his folks hand out candy!

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Sunday Morning

Rocky and Millie are outside playing with the puppies next door.  They’re running up and down the fence line and barking at anything and everything that moves.  Neighbors going to church.  Squirrels on the power line.  Stray dogs wandering the neighborhood.

Prince Charming went to donate plasma this morning.  So I have the whole house to myself again.  Listening to the oldies station play music from 1984.  On one hand it makes me feel really old but on the other hand it reinforces my feeling of being a teenager again.

Fluff the cat is lounging in the living room after eating breakfast and playing with his catnip toy.  I found it yesterday when I was cleaning the kitchen.  I had put it “someplace safe” because Millie found it a while back and thought it belonged to her.  Of course, I had completely forgotten about it . . .

I should be working on the grocery list since Prince Charming and I have to go to the grocery later but I’ve discovered Esty and am completely hooked!

Prince Charming got his first paycheck this week.  Oh, happy days!  I know that we still have a rough road ahead of us money-wise but at least the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the oncoming train that I’ve been afraid of for so long.  I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders for the time being!

Yep, life is good right now . . .


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Happy Sweetest Day

It’s been a wonderful weekend.

Prince Charming didn’t have to work.

We exchanged very simple, very meaningful gifts. A gift, by the way, he picked out himself based on presents he bought for me when we were dating before.

We spent the day hiking at one of his favorite spots. Note to self – do not take my water pill if we are going hiking. Port a potties are few and far between and a tad on the stinky side!

I made two of his favorite dishes for supper. It was homecoming weekend in Smalltown and between that and Sweetest Day every place in town was packed! So we stayed home and had comfort food.

We snuggled on the couch and watched one of his favorite old movies . . . which I had never seen before.

It was the bestest sweetest day ever . . . and that’s saying a lot because, until this year, I thought sweetest day was a made up “Hallmark” holiday and didn’t like to celebrate it.

Oh the joys Prince Charming has brought to my life!

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Strange Days Indeed

Prince Charming has a job!  He’s working in the health care field . . . not exactly the job he had before but something that he’s trained in and something that he’s done before.  He’s going to be working four ten hour days.  He’s excited . . . I’m excited!

Since he got here in April, we have spent virtually every moment that I haven’t been at work together.  He was up in the morning when I left for work and kissed me good-bye at the door.  He was there when I came home for lunch and even fixed lunch for me every day.  He was there at the front door with Rocky and Millie when I came home at the end of the day.  We spent all day together on the weekends.  We went everywhere together.  It was a wonderful way to start a new relationship.

But we knew it was going to change when he went to work.  We had talked about it.  We were prepared for the changes.

He works an early shift which means he gets up at0’dark hundred and leaves the house before I’m even awake.  If I got up with him to see him off to work the way he always saw me off to work, I’d end up going back to bed for an hour before my normal wake up time.  He thought that was going to make for a very long day for me.  I worried that if I got up that early, Rocky and Millie would shift their schedule to think that breakfast was now being served at 0’dark thirty . . . and since they don’t know the difference between a work day and a weekend day I would have to serve them breakfast at 0’dark thirty every day.  Uh, no thank you!  That’s not a schedule change I want to start!

So he kisses me sweetly before he leaves for work and I tell him to have a good day.  He leaves for work.  I go back to sleep.  Millie watches him get ready for work and then snuggles back to sleep next to Rocky.

It’s been strange to not have him here in the morning when I wake up.  It’s been strange to not have him here when I come home for lunch.  Because of the restrictions of his job, we don’t talk on the phone or text like we have been doing over the summer.  It’s very strange to not talk to him during the day.

He works every other Saturday from 0’dark thirty until mid-afternoon.  This is the first Saturday in 6 months that I’ve been here by myself all day.  It’s been really strange today to be here without him.  I did some errands.  I’m doing laundry.  I’m channel surfing between chick flicks and football games.  I’m cleaning the house.  It’s almost like I’m single again . . . the whole house to myself.  The poor dogs are wandering around the house wondering where he is.  They keep coming in the house and looking around expecting Prince Charming to have mysteriously appeared in the 15 minutes since they last checked.

It’s been a very strange week . . . I miss having him around.  I admit that I got spoiled with the amount of time we got to spend together when he wasn’t working.  I got spoiled having somebody fix lunch for me every day!  Okay, I admit it . . . I’m a spoiled brat!  But this new schedule isn’t all bad.  I’ll admit I’ve been a little more productive today than I have been the last few months!  It’s gonna take some getting used to . . .

Thank heavens I haven’t settled into boringly normal just quite yet!

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Monday Night

Date night . . . at Chipotle

Errands at Wally World

We’ve decided we live in Pajama Bottom Town . . . everyone is wearing them so it must be a new fashion trend

Watching football . . . why is Tampa Bay so bad . . . and when did Indy get good?

Prince Charming goes to work in two days . . . we’re both so excited we can’t stand it!

Poor puppies are gonna miss him . . .

Lunch will certainly be different . . .

But the paycheck will more than make up for it!

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it’s in the 40’s here at night.

it MIGHT make it out of the 60’s today

prince charming told me that it’s supposed to be warmer next week . . . and he’s going to start working on the front steps . . . and he is going to start his new job on wednesday!!!

i had to turn on the furnace . . .

i guess summer is over, huh?

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