Yes, I Know

Yes, I know . . . I’m never here anymore! And that’s after I agreed to the Post A Day thing . . . I know.  I suck.  I’m sorry.

Yes, I know . . . It’s boring to read about Prince Charming all the time.  All I ever do is talk about him.  But I can certainly tell you that it’s not boring being this happy with Prince Charming.  I spent a lot of lonely years wishing and dreaming for this kind of happiness.  It always seemed like it was just out of my grasp.  What was I doing wrong?  Everybody else had it (or so it seemed)  . . . why couldn’t I?

Prince Charming still doesn’t have a job . . . and the economy here in Smalltown is still very stunted . . . but he continues to look and he still has hope that he will find something (anything) soon . . . and he’s still trying to explain to The Queen’s (his STBX) attorney how he’s supposed to comply with a temporary support order if he doesn’t have a job . . . if you are a praying person we’d appreciate if you’d say one or two for him/us.

We’re still the disgustingly happy couple that everyone thinks has been together forever.  We go.  We do.  We laugh.  We share.  When they catch us kissing in the kitchen, Rocky and Millie look at us like “Oh, man, do you have to keep doing that?!”   I just realized yesterday that Millie has spent as much of her life with Prince Charming as she did with the Ex-Hubby.

Remember how I kept wondering when “boringly normal” would come back to my life?  Well, it’s here!  And I’m thrilled!

I promise I’ll be around more often . . .

Yes, I know . . . you’ve heard that before!


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