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Sure Sign of Fall

I got my flu shot today . . .




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To Early For This S%&^

I get up every morning at 5:30 a.m.

I have a routine. Let the dogs out to potty. Put on water for tea. Get breakfast ready for Rocky and Millie. Sometimes the cat graces us with his presence and I feed him breakfast, too.

Today was a typical morning . . . until the cat decided he was done with his breakfast and wanted to go outside . . . thru the back door.  Now we all know that the most direct route from Point A to Point B is a straight line so it should be no surprise that his route would include him walking under Millie . . . while she was eating her breakfast. Millie tries to give the cat a wide berth and avoids him at all costs. Fluff’s departure had disaster written all over it. It was one of those things that you see happening but are powerless to stop. My first thought was “This isn’t going to end well.” As soon as I had that thought . . . it happened.

Millie’s calmly (and happily!) eating her breakfast.

Millie is standing between Fluff and the back door so Fluff tries to squeeze under Millie’s stomach to get to the back door.

Millie jumps out of the way. Stepping on the cat – not once but twice! Crashing into the food bowl and sending her food flying all over the kitchen.

Fluff ended up under the kitchen table.

Millie ended up in Prince Charming’s lap trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

Rocky’s looking at all of Millie’s food on the floor wondering if he should help Mommy clean up the mess.

Prince Charming is trying to figure out why Millie is suddenly trying to climb into his lap.

I’m standing there laughing at the whole scene and thinking . . . it’s too early for this shit!

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Now What Have I Done?

Prince Charming asked me this morning if I’d let him do a guest post . . .

I said yes . . .

Heaven help me . . .


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Sleepy Saturday Morning

Rocky and Millie were kind enough to let us sleep in until about 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Of course, I had to get up at 6:30 to let them pee and eat breakfast. Small price to pay I suppose.

When I finally woke up, I looked over at the side of the bed and saw two little faces looking at me. They were sitting side by side, resting their chins on the side of the bed, looking at me as if to say “Hey, Mom, are you ever gonna wake up? We wanna go out and play!”

I laughed so hard I woke up Prince Charming!

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I Should Have Known

When XH and I separated last year, one of my biggest fears was being a single girl living all alone in a older house.   The Little House was built in 1923.  It’s in good shape but sometimes things go wrong in an older house.  In the 20 years that we had lived in the house, Ex-Hubby had done all the home improvement projects – plumbing, painting, repairs, remodeling.  He had determined early in our relationship that I wasn’t “handy” and he didn’t have the patience or the desire to teach me how to do any of that kind of stuff.  Me being me . . . I didn’t question this.

When Prince Charming was here in November, somehow the conversation came to how the bathtub stopper thing wasn’t working and he taught me how to fix it!   It took less than a half hour, the part cost probably $10. It wasn’t hard to do.  It was wonderful feeling to know that I really could do the single girl living alone in an old house thing.

As excited as I was to have this new found knowledge, it got me to thinking . . . if it was so easy to do, why didn’t (ex now but at the time) Hubby fix it?  The stopper thing hadn’t worked correctly for a couple of years and when I told him about it, he said it was too complicated for him to fix.  He told me to go to the hardware store and buy a rubber stopper thing to put over the drain to keep the water in the tub.  Not knowing any better (and not having any reason to doubt his advice), that’s exactly what I did.  As I sat there in the bathroom with Prince Charming after fixing the tub, the little doubts about Ex-Hubby’s home maintenance skills started creeping in.  Did he really not know how to do it or did he just not want to do it?  We had a shower in the basement that we use most of the time.  The tub was only used if I needed to soak something or wash the dogs.  I’ve probably only used the tub three times since I fixed the stopper.  But nonetheless, it was a little unsettling to think that Hubby would choose not to do something because he didn’t think it was important.

Almost as soon as Prince Charming moved in, I started a “Honey Do” list of things that I wanted to change/fix/repair here at The Little House.  I’ve explained each project and his answer to each task is “okay, honey.  let me check it out and I’ll tell you what we need to do.”  Prince Charming has told me that he has lots of experience in working in old houses and Prince Charming’s Dad has verified that experience and has offered to help with some of the projects.  I know about Prince Charming’s Dad’s experience.  He’s was the “go-to” guy for the Community Involvement Group in the Little Place Where I Grew Up.  My Mom drafted all of us kids to help work events for the committee so I’ve seen Prince Charming’s Dad at work!  Since I don’t have a whole lot of experience, I have to take Prince Charming’s experience on faith.  Just like I did with XH.  Gotta admit it’s a bit of a scary feeling to know that I don’t know enough to tell if I’m being fed a line of bullshit again.

So Prince Charming has reviewed the “Honey Do”  list and he’s told me what we need to do for each project.  He’s also asked me questions about why things were done a certain way.  My usual answer is “I don’t know.  He always did that kind of stuff and I didn’t have any input.”  Prince Charming’s usual response to that is to fold his arms, look at the ground, and shake his head.  Evidently, XH’s skills weren’t all that . . . and it appears that XH was the king of the shortcut . . . get it done cheap/quick instead of get it done right.  Every project that Prince Charming and I are planning will involve some amount of repair to what XH put in before we can make the changes we want to make.  It’s been completely unnerving to hear what was done wrong, what shortcuts were taken, how simple/cheap it would have been to do it correctly.  It makes me angry.  It makes me sad.  It makes me weary.  I thought XH loved The Little House as much as I did but I guess I was wrong.  He didn’t think enough of The Little House (where he lived for 20 years!) to take care of her correctly.  He didn’t think enough of me to take better care of my beautiful little dream house.  Gotta tell ya, that realization took my breath away and made me cry like a baby.

So Prince Charming is teaching me.  About home repair – he’s giving me the skills I need to be able to help him properly take care of The Little House.  About trust in a relationship – his trust that I have the desire and the willingness to learn what he is teaching me and my trust that he cares enough about me and The Little House to do the projects the way they need to be done.  About letting go – I have to let go of my anger towards XH over this . . . XH’s lack of concern is just another sign that he was just as unhappy in the marriage as I was.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Prince Charming got a job! In his field! Making pretty good money! He’ll be only 5 minutes from home! We’re happy as clams!

Prince Charming got a letter today from the divorce court about his lack of response to the temporary support order pertaining to his divorce. He needs to respond within 24 hours or there will be serious consequences.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry . . . and I’ve done a lot of both today!

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Yes, I Know

Yes, I know . . . I’m never here anymore! And that’s after I agreed to the Post A Day thing . . . I know.  I suck.  I’m sorry.

Yes, I know . . . It’s boring to read about Prince Charming all the time.  All I ever do is talk about him.  But I can certainly tell you that it’s not boring being this happy with Prince Charming.  I spent a lot of lonely years wishing and dreaming for this kind of happiness.  It always seemed like it was just out of my grasp.  What was I doing wrong?  Everybody else had it (or so it seemed)  . . . why couldn’t I?

Prince Charming still doesn’t have a job . . . and the economy here in Smalltown is still very stunted . . . but he continues to look and he still has hope that he will find something (anything) soon . . . and he’s still trying to explain to The Queen’s (his STBX) attorney how he’s supposed to comply with a temporary support order if he doesn’t have a job . . . if you are a praying person we’d appreciate if you’d say one or two for him/us.

We’re still the disgustingly happy couple that everyone thinks has been together forever.  We go.  We do.  We laugh.  We share.  When they catch us kissing in the kitchen, Rocky and Millie look at us like “Oh, man, do you have to keep doing that?!”   I just realized yesterday that Millie has spent as much of her life with Prince Charming as she did with the Ex-Hubby.

Remember how I kept wondering when “boringly normal” would come back to my life?  Well, it’s here!  And I’m thrilled!

I promise I’ll be around more often . . .

Yes, I know . . . you’ve heard that before!

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Isn’t It Ironic?

My last post . . . the one called “There’s A Reason Why He’s My Ex-Husband” . . .

It was post #666 . . .


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There’s a Reason Why He’s My Ex-Husband

I know this . . . and yet I fall for it every time.

He pretends to be nice.

He asks for my help with something.

Since I’m still naive enough to think we can be friends even if we aren’t married anymore . . . I give my best advice.

Then he does the complete opposite . . .

And poor Prince Charming watches quietly by the sidelines  . . .

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