Things We Haven’t Done In A While

Prince Charming and I went to the movies last night.

Not just any movie, mind you.  We went to see Blazing Saddles!

Every summer the historic theater in The Big City were I used to work has a cool film series each summer where they show classic movies on the big screen.  For $5 you see a classic movie, have free soda and popcorn before the movie, there’s even a concert of organ music with a sing-a-long before the show.

I’ve known about the film series for a few years but I’ve never been able to find anyone to go with me.  When the schedule was announced a couple of months ago, Prince Charming was so excited about it he wanted to buy tickets for the whole series!  Because of budget concerns, though, we narrowed it down to two movies . . . Blazing Saddles and Grease . . . they are part of the “Things We Haven’t Done In A While” Tour . . . stuff we’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to for one reason or another . . . stuff that we’re going to do now if we want to.

The last time that Prince Charming and I went to the movies, it was to watch “Rocky” when it first came out.  We’d been together about a year by then I guess.  Since we were still in junior high (middle school), we went with his parents and his younger brother.  We sat a couple of rows behind them and it was wonderful to be sitting there in the dark with his arm wrapped around my shoulders.  That movie date has always been a favorite memory of mine of the first time Prince Charming and I were together.

Turns out, that memory is also a favorite of Prince Charming’s too!

And last night, we were sitting together in a dark movie theater, watching a movie, with his arm wrapped around my shoulder . . .

All I could think was . . . the more things change . . . the more they stay the same!


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