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Road Trip

Prince Charming had to go to Virginia for business pertaining to his divorce.

He asked me to come along . . . and of course I said yes.

It’s a long drive and I didn’t want him to be driving all alone thinking all kinds of horrible thoughts.

It was a quick trip . . . it was a fun trip for the most part . . . the results were what we were expecting . . . we were hoping for better news but got exactly the results we were expecting.

And he did think all kinds of horrible thoughts all the way home . . . and I was there to help him see that the situation isn’t nearly as dire as he imagines . . .

I love the man and I would/will do anything and everything for him . . .

But I’m going to have serious second thoughts if he suggests a 33 hour road trip where 20 of them are spent in a car!


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