This makes me laugh.  Every.  Time.  I.  See.  It.


Funny how the thing you never knew you wanted ends up being the thing you can’t live without!

I know I say that all the time about Millie . . . but it’s true . . . she’s been such a blessing to me.  Rocky loves her and they are inseparable.  She’s the wild one of the bunch . . . she wants to be a good girl, but sometimes her joy for living takes over and it gets her into all kinds of trouble . . . you can see that we had to keep her leash on her during the photo shoot . . . there were too many things to see and smell and slurp . . .

But when you are looking at a face like that . . . you can’t be mad at her for very long . . .



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2 responses to “Pfffttt

  1. Dori

    I LUV LUV this picture of Millie and it makes my heart ache for Black Lab Luke and Chocolate Lab Winston who have crossed over the rainbow and are playinng together up there as I write 🙂

    I have had 16 dogs in my lifetime and labs are the best – I’m whispering this as current dog Maddie, the Bichon is listening.

    Thanks for posting current pics of you and Prince Charming – if I didn’t know better, I would think you had been together forever – that’s how compatible you look !!

  2. bigdogmompam

    Funny you mention that, Dori, because we feel like God pushed the “pause” button all those years ago when we broke up . . . and He pushed “play” last year and it was like we had never been apart. We were too young to appreciate what we had then and needed to experience life before we could have this precious gift.

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